TV Channels

Not happy with satellite TV, or living in an apartment where no  dish is allowed?
Or would you just like to watch more channels than your current subscription has to offer?
Well now you can.
Get an android TV box from Activate Streaming, pay the once off purchase price, and get access to all the TV, Movies, and Music,  the internet has to offer.
An android TV Box is a Multi Media device that streams online content right to you’re TV set.

TV Shows

Practically any TV show you can consider is accessible to watch on line. Our Tv Box will give you an entryway to discover numerous applications with the entirety of the seasons and scenes that are accessible. Never miss a scene of your number one show again. With an android box, not exclusively will you have the option to get to yesterday???s or today???s scenes, yet you can plunk down and watch scenes from years prior, voluntarily. Each period of each show is accessible to you to watch. Further uplifting news is that you can observe every one of your scenes with no irritating promotion breaks! How cool is that.


Live TV

The Activate Streaming box permits you to observe any TV station accessible on the planet. On the off chance that its on TV you'll see it on one of the numerous live TV applications the internet has to bring to the table. You can watch several live TV channels including numerous UK and American channels that you are as of now used to viewing, along with hundreds more, from the USA, for example, FOX, NBC, CBS PSB and so forth just as live streams from different nations! Poland, Lithuania, Croatia, Russia Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, India and some more!



For the sports fanatic there a huge selection of sports apps available on line through the Playstore. You will find coverage of many matches in the UK, together with Serie A, and Bundesliga along with a whole host of others available. 
Rugby, Golf, Horse Racing, Formula 1, Basketball, Baseball and Ice Hockey games are covered.
Live sports has been streamed over the internet for years. The android TV box gives you the ability to find live sporting events from all across the globe. Simply open one of the many sports apps available on the Playstore and open up a world of sports.



An android box gives you the chance to download any amount of music apps from all over the world giving access to absolutely every genre of music. Access music channels and music videos through Youtube, Spotify and many more music apps. Access any radio station in the world with apps like TuneIn, with access to hundred’s of music stations. playing all genres of music for your listening pleasure. Download apps right to your android box like  Spotify, Vevo, Sound-Cloud, Google Play Music and more. Just sit back and relax while listening to your favorite tunes.
There is also full concert videos to watch on Youtube, so that you can view many headline groups, bands, and all your favorite artists from today and yesterday.
There are many Karaoke apps and videos online also for your enjoyment and musical improvement.


For Kids

Kids will always be entertained! With hundreds of kids show and movies on demand! and a dedicated kids youtube.


IMPORTANT:All of the content offered through our TV Box is streamed from the internet sources ??? it is not downloaded. All of the connections are provided by third party suppliers and not by Activate Streaming Content streaming requires the end user to have a stable and consistent (minimum 5mb/s) broadband internet connection in place.